The Boy That Fell

boy falling 2What can I say he fell in love and he fell in love hard and boy did this guy not give up! He was crazy about me! He sent me gifts galore! He would send me flowers and vouchers and tickets to see shows. He’d send me tickets to New York because that’s where he lived. He wanted me and he wanted me badly. I was flattered but I wasn’t in love with him, I loved him but wasn’t in love, but he wouldn’t take
any of the gifts back. I remember one day I got home from work and a dozen roses had been delivered with a basket full of Maple Holistic products (which is one of my most favorite holistic companies), inside the basket was mainly Tea Tree oil goodies which was my fave of all the oils, I especially loved their Tea Tree Oil Shampoo. This guy was most certainly trying to woo me!

We had been on and off for four years and whilst I cared for him I didn’t see my future with him, but he was breaking me down. I could feel how much he loved me and in a way, I almost felt sad and bad for
him but that wasn’t any reason to be with him or anyone for that matter and most of all it wasn’t fair.

In the end I had to break it off with him and it was hard, it took a long time to do it and he still never gave up. I called him recently over Christmas just to see if he was ok and really to wish him a Happy
festive time (it was all innocent on my part) but I should have known better. I thought he’d be over me by now but it just gave him fuel. He really couldn’t let go of me and it was starting to worry me. I didn’t
want him to suffer like that most of all but it was also scary that he couldn’t see his life with anyone else. It made me feel so bad. They say its hard to be broken up with but its actually really hard to break up with someone, especially when you care about them. Its just so so hard!boy falling 1

I kind of get it though, I had the same thing. I fell in love with someone harder than they fell in love with me so I got it. I was now experiencing the other side of it and it wasn’t much easier. I just hope he lets it go soon and finds the Woman he is supposed to be with. There is nothing worse than wasting your time in something that could never be – no matter how much you wish something. If its not equal on both sides, it cant be and more than often its not meant to be. I believe that two hearts will one day equally match and so if its not a match then it must be let go of. I feel that so strongly and have tried to impart that wisdom on to him. One day I hope he looks back and remembers me fondly but also with gratitude that I didn’t give into his advances because he found his total match. That is my wish for him as well as for myself and for all – I am a hopeless romantic what can I say. I still believe in love, even in this day and
age! So don’t give up out there! That’s my agony aunt final message for the day/night! Good luck – he/she is out there to those of you that are single!

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