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Starting Your Own Private Label

There are private label everywhere you go. Imagine if there where private label movies though. What would that be like? Here is how I imagine it would go down.

Private label movies would probably be similar to one of my favorite sketches on a great show that was on Teaneck in my early childhood years. “ The Amanda Show.” One of the sketches on this show was called Blockbuster. This “ video store” was essentially a private label version of most of ours favorite video stores growing private-label4up Blockbuster. If you were born past 1997 most likely you have no idea what I’m talking about. If you ask your siblings or parents they can fill you in. Anyways so on the “ Amanda Show” they produced a lot of their own versions of movies like “ Tom Sawyer” and “ The Nutty Professor” they would often claim that this movie was better much better. These house filmed versions of legitimate movies weren’t so great so I would have to make my private label versions of solid movies a little different. You get the idea though. If this example didn’t make sense to you another example of this is in the movie “ Be Kind Rewind” where Jack Black and his friend create their own versions of classic movies that were erased from their Passaic based video stores VHS tapes. Again though my private label movies would be a little better quality. How would they be private label exactly though? First of all they would cost a lot less to make. These private label movies would have a lower budget yet still look semi professional. For example if I were to make a private version of “ Harry Potter” it would need to have a different title. BAM! Sorry about that this bam was to symbolize my ignorance. Private label doesn’t refer to just off brands it is the way it is produced and manufactured so for movies it doesn’t work. I am so sorry for misinforming you about what private label products look like private-label3though. Pardon my ignorance. I realized this when someone was reading what I read above and realized hey this isn’t true. Again if you don’t trust me you can look into it here are some of the more popular private label brands. One of the ones that I have seen a lot is cereal. For example, Wal Mart may have its own brand of private label cereal produced by some random company. This cereal tends to cost a lot less to make then a lot of more popular name brand products like a lot of the General Mills or Kellogg cereals. Private label produces a lot of other different products too. For example, there can be private label sleeping or cleaning supplies as well as private label canned food, crackers, pretzels, basically any food you can think of and so many other private label items out there.

It is important to make sure you know what private label and I apologize for my ignorance.

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