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The Importance of Niche Marketing

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niche-marketing Everyone has their own niche. I’m sure that is what many of you were told when you were younger when you weren’t the best soccer player out there or something like that. This phrase is true even when it comes to marketing a private label or white label product. For example, let’s say you have a cereal Honey Nut Eateos. You decide you want to market this product but you aren’t 100% sure how do I go about doing this? So then here is just what you have to do for these Honey Nut Eateos. This is the only way. You find what is its unique niche and then you can perform niche marketing. For this product, for example, the niche marketing you can do is tell people that maybe it has 80% less of an ingredient than a lot of other products do or it is packaged in a recyclable box or container which is something, especially in the private label product world, which people will typically be more interested in. Other cereals may advertise other very similar things which, can sometimes, even be the most identical things ever, as long as they have their own unique niche this would be what we classify as niche marketing. This will help people realize when they buy your product, in this case cereal, wow this thing is very very unique and that is why it might be worth buying over something else. Niche marketing can also work for a lot of different products (as discussed at Innovative Private Label). It can work for cosmetic products, or hair products, or even things as simple as packaged apple sauce. Everything if you really think about it has its own unique niche. Niche Marketing just requires you to be creative and craft a way that people will see your product and be like hey cool let me buy this and be so grateful that they did. However, as I said, there are a bunch of ways to go about this whole niche marketing thing. Here are some suggestions. Let’s say you want to do niche marketing through Facebook advertising. You would adveniche-marketingrtise via Facebook broadly about what your product is and what it does. Afterwards though you can then have posts, adds, memes, videos that relate to the main product or think about what people may prefer more than others. Going back to video if you were to say create a commercial you would want to focus on the main product and the niche aspect of it. Try and portray it in an exciting way to get everyone excited and ready to go. To make it the best product you can imagine this will make it great. For example if you are selling a new cereal you can focus on. Looking for a great cereal with great taste that has 80% less cholesterol than a lot of other cereals or something of the sort? As mentioned earlier the 80% would be your niche. Successful advertising and niche market well!