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glocks12345Allan had an issue he wanted to protect himself yet he didn’t know how. He eliminated a bunch of options (e.g. taking a karate self defense class) or getting a gun. He decided to do both. So after registering for a once a week Wednesday night 6:30pm karate class he looked into getting a glock 19.

Now you need to understand Allan did not understand what exactly a glock 19 was. He was a peaceful person he just needed to protect his family from the dangers of their dangerous neighborhood. He went onto Google and found some information about the glock 19 this is what he discovered.Check out for more great info on guns.

The information was a short article that reads as follows: Glock all started back in 1980 when the Austrian steel and plastic company Glock KG, that was at the time headed by Gaston Glcok was approach by the Austrian army. The Austrians asked Glock to develop a new service sidearm for them to replace their old ones that they had used during World War II. Glock, on behalf of Glock KG, accepted the invitation and the Glock firearm company was formed in 1982 following a series of exercises and tests Glock officially became the type of firearms used by the Austrian military. They use them until this day.

The glock 19’s first generation model was first developed in 1988. It was created as a compact version of the glock 17, the glock model that directly predated it. The next generation of the glock 19 was glock19-accessories developed in 1993 and the third generation of it in 1998. Finally in 2010 the Glock 19 generation 4 was put on the market. The generation nomenclature (a fan made word) was recognized by the company itself.

Now the glock 19 didn’t go through to many changes yet each version of it made a difference in recruiting new generations of handgun carriers for both home defense and service needs. Each of the versions of the glock 19 were a little bit different though.

The glock 19 version 1 was not so mass produced. Very few additions of it were made. Even less of them were imported to the Umited States. Today they are considered a collectors item. The gen 1 has grips with angles that very much resemble the early model of the glock 17.

Now that let’s talk about the other great versions of glock 19. The generation 2 of the glock 19 has a textured grip and a whole different kind of finish. Now that we are moving into the 1990’s will glocksfocus on the great versions of the glock during that era. The glock 19 generation 3 has a whole new different kind of grip, accessory rails, finger grooves, double pins, a tenifer finish, a thumb rest, and double pins and a thumb rest. Finally will talk a little bit about the glock 19 generation 4. This version of the glock 19 had a great stippled grip and larger magazine release button.

So Allan decided to get a glock 19
The end!

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Guns In The Right Hands

It was very rare that Jack Daniels ever really actually needed to ever use 150828121359-guns-america-large-169his gun. He would always carry it around with him when going on camping trips in a woods filled with lions, and tigers, and bears. Well not lions and tigers. Bears though you get the point. He had the gun for protection though. This is one of his stories.

Jack was a good man who played ball for many hours a day and every couple months he would go camping his gun in his hand. He would sleep with that gun, eat with that gun. Bottom line wherever Jack went he was always carrying a gun everywhere he went. He loved those guns they were fantastic and exciting. Again though like I said he never really had to use it. One night that all changed though. You see Jack made the mistake that he accidentally left a bag of granola bars in his backpack and all of a sudden bear came into his tent one night. Jack’s first reaction was AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW IT’S A BEAR WgunsHAT DO I DO.” He only thought this though he then took his gun and took the bear out with one shot he was dead in 30 seconds. Another bear came out and same thing. Jack took out his gun and shot at the bear he was done in 35 seconds completely shot down. Before he knew it Jack was using his gun to shoot at all of the dangerous bears in the woods where he was camping. He was exploring the woods all over the place and he ended up being attacked 0 times. Why? He had a gun. He was like the perfect walking advertisement for the NRA. The gun will solve all your problems was his and their motto after all. Personally I don’t really agree so much. What can you do though having a fight with one of these gun advocate type people. It would be an utter waste of time these people are always investing in gun usage. They don’t really have good answers for how all these shootings happen though. What do I know about guns though I am just a narrator. Well it just makes sense to me. Hmm.. if we make guns super easy to be bought by everyone fine you might have more people to be able to protect you. You also get Virginia Tech and other crazy shooters like in Orlando. It is something that has been going on and on and on and on and on. In the end of the day though people will Jack will still go camping with there gun. They will take their gun to dinner to play ball even if they live in some super safe neighborhood like Bethesda, Maryland or Weschester, New York. Granted these places are fairly liberal so they probably won’t have guns you get the idea though. Guns can kill you need to be esponsible and use them wisely. So was Jack right?

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