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Martian Attack

martian attackWorking from home can be one of the most challenging things a working person can deal with on a day-to-day, routine-like basis. For those of us who have the discipline, it can be a great option. For the rest of us…. Not so much. Althought it might seem like a godsend, it in a lot more difficult than you’d think. Oh sure, you can spening a few days doing it, chilling out in your pajamas, working from your bed. But after a few days, one thing or the other usually happens: either you become significantly less productive and begin to miss an office or workspace, or you buckle down and manage to get things done. Or something else could happen, like a Martian attack. Anywhere on that spectrum, really.

The point I am trying to make is that working from home means that you need to be into it. You won’t be able to swing it, whether as an entrepreneur or an employee. There is a good chance that the sheer pressure of it all will get to you. Because you can’t just do nothing and you can’t just do anything. You have a job to do, after all, and if you don’t get it done properly, there will be others willing to take your place. No matter where you are, there is competition, and no matter where you are, there are people trying to take you down.

Working from home… I couldn’t handle it, myself. By the end of the first month I was in dire need of a place to work. An office, a rented workspace, a coffeeshop, something. Because all I was doing at home is working a lot less and watching a lot more cartoons andcoffeeshop 1 clips of cats doing stupid things to other cats. And their owners. And their owners’ friends. Anyway, cats….

If you choose to work from home, make sure it something which is sustainable. Be certain that you take advantage of the fact you can set your own hours, etc., but also be a professional. This means that there should be NO working in your pajamas. You have office hours and home hours, and this should also apply to you if you happen to work from home. It will make things a lot easier when you separate, and give your work hours the respect they deserve, even if it means changing your clothes.

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