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How to best curl your hair

 curly hair 1One of these days I am going to rid myself of my curls, or so I think. I have a sneaking suspision that one day I will come home and be fed up with them. Until that day, I want to carry them around me happily. And I do. And I am. Happily.

But the question is still asked, again and again. I have tight curls, and people ask me how to curl shirt hair. The thing is, with me it is a lot of good genetics. If there is one “true” way to do it, or a traditional method which is better and significantly more consequential than the rest. In essence, I don’t know everything about how to curl short hair, but I have a thing or two to say.

First off, avoid overuse of all of those sprays. Use irons and rod in moderation, as well. Too much messing will get you results, but could also fry your hair. One of the very first things I was taught about irons and stuff, is that you need to err on the side of caution. If you are planning on having your hair around for life – and hey, you probably should! – then there are certain precautions you need to take.

This is not to say that it is not possible to have some major hair which is unaffected in a harmful way. All things exist, you know? At any rate, hair. And curls are a hairstyle which can be rocked in many ways and formations. Soft curls, tight curls, and anything in between.

So, how do you best curl your hair? I am not entirely sure. Anyone who says they have THE answer…. I don’t know. But some shampoos, conditioners, and quality products could certainly help you to get where you want to go.

You know what I love? The oldschool rollers look. You can get some of the best and most amazing results with those old fashioned methods. You walk out of the house or hair salon after a roller session, and it’s like BOOM! For those who are able to get that done and execute it properly, it is probably one of the most sought-after looks, curls-wise. Here is a great article about how to curl your hair by Maple Holistics.

Of all the various hairstyles and looks one can create, there is something more “understable” (I guess?) about curls. To me, on a personal level, it doesn’t seem to necessitate such intervention. Sure, you could find all kinds of harmful ways to obtain a certain look. But for curls, all you rcurly hair 2eally need is some of those rollers, or something similar.

Once you lose interest in your hair, feel free to change it up. There is something so very refreshing about a new look. And going with curls is a classic look which can greatly benefit your life, and turn some heads in the process! When we look good, we feel good – there is no escaping that. Our appearence matters, so get out there and own it!

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Martian Attack

martian attackWorking from home can be one of the most challenging things a working person can deal with on a day-to-day, routine-like basis. For those of us who have the discipline, it can be a great option. For the rest of us…. Not so much. Althought it might seem like a godsend, it in a lot more difficult than you’d think. Oh sure, you can spening a few days doing it, chilling out in your pajamas, working from your bed. But after a few days, one thing or the other usually happens: either you become significantly less productive and begin to miss an office or workspace, or you buckle down and manage to get things done. Or something else could happen, like a Martian attack. Anywhere on that spectrum, really.

The point I am trying to make is that working from home means that you need to be into it. You won’t be able to swing it, whether as an entrepreneur or an employee. There is a good chance that the sheer pressure of it all will get to you. Because you can’t just do nothing and you can’t just do anything. You have a job to do, after all, and if you don’t get it done properly, there will be others willing to take your place. No matter where you are, there is competition, and no matter where you are, there are people trying to take you down.

Working from home… I couldn’t handle it, myself. By the end of the first month I was in dire need of a place to work. An office, a rented workspace, a coffeeshop, something. Because all I was doing at home is working a lot less and watching a lot more cartoons andcoffeeshop 1 clips of cats doing stupid things to other cats. And their owners. And their owners’ friends. Anyway, cats….

If you choose to work from home, make sure it something which is sustainable. Be certain that you take advantage of the fact you can set your own hours, etc., but also be a professional. This means that there should be NO working in your pajamas. You have office hours and home hours, and this should also apply to you if you happen to work from home. It will make things a lot easier when you separate, and give your work hours the respect they deserve, even if it means changing your clothes.

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The Boy That Fell

boy falling 2What can I say he fell in love and he fell in love hard and boy did this guy not give up! He was crazy about me! He sent me gifts galore! He would send me flowers and vouchers and tickets to see shows. He’d send me tickets to New York because that’s where he lived. He wanted me and he wanted me badly. I was flattered but I wasn’t in love with him, I loved him but wasn’t in love, but he wouldn’t take
any of the gifts back. I remember one day I got home from work and a dozen roses had been delivered with a basket full of Maple Holistic products (which is one of my most favorite holistic companies), inside the basket was mainly Tea Tree oil goodies which was my fave of all the oils, I especially loved their Tea Tree Oil Shampoo. This guy was most certainly trying to woo me!

We had been on and off for four years and whilst I cared for him I didn’t see my future with him, but he was breaking me down. I could feel how much he loved me and in a way, I almost felt sad and bad for
him but that wasn’t any reason to be with him or anyone for that matter and most of all it wasn’t fair.

In the end I had to break it off with him and it was hard, it took a long time to do it and he still never gave up. I called him recently over Christmas just to see if he was ok and really to wish him a Happy
festive time (it was all innocent on my part) but I should have known better. I thought he’d be over me by now but it just gave him fuel. He really couldn’t let go of me and it was starting to worry me. I didn’t
want him to suffer like that most of all but it was also scary that he couldn’t see his life with anyone else. It made me feel so bad. They say its hard to be broken up with but its actually really hard to break up with someone, especially when you care about them. Its just so so hard!boy falling 1

I kind of get it though, I had the same thing. I fell in love with someone harder than they fell in love with me so I got it. I was now experiencing the other side of it and it wasn’t much easier. I just hope he lets it go soon and finds the Woman he is supposed to be with. There is nothing worse than wasting your time in something that could never be – no matter how much you wish something. If its not equal on both sides, it cant be and more than often its not meant to be. I believe that two hearts will one day equally match and so if its not a match then it must be let go of. I feel that so strongly and have tried to impart that wisdom on to him. One day I hope he looks back and remembers me fondly but also with gratitude that I didn’t give into his advances because he found his total match. That is my wish for him as well as for myself and for all – I am a hopeless romantic what can I say. I still believe in love, even in this day and
age! So don’t give up out there! That’s my agony aunt final message for the day/night! Good luck – he/she is out there to those of you that are single!

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Starting Your Own Private Label

There are private label everywhere you go. Imagine if there where private label movies though. What would that be like? Here is how I imagine it would go down.

Private label movies would probably be similar to one of my favorite sketches on a great show that was on Teaneck in my early childhood years. “ The Amanda Show.” One of the sketches on this show was called Blockbuster. This “ video store” was essentially a private label version of most of ours favorite video stores growing private-label4up Blockbuster. If you were born past 1997 most likely you have no idea what I’m talking about. If you ask your siblings or parents they can fill you in. Anyways so on the “ Amanda Show” they produced a lot of their own versions of movies like “ Tom Sawyer” and “ The Nutty Professor” they would often claim that this movie was better much better. These house filmed versions of legitimate movies weren’t so great so I would have to make my private label versions of solid movies a little different. You get the idea though. If this example didn’t make sense to you another example of this is in the movie “ Be Kind Rewind” where Jack Black and his friend create their own versions of classic movies that were erased from their Passaic based video stores VHS tapes. Again though my private label movies would be a little better quality. How would they be private label exactly though? First of all they would cost a lot less to make. These private label movies would have a lower budget yet still look semi professional. For example if I were to make a private version of “ Harry Potter” it would need to have a different title. BAM! Sorry about that this bam was to symbolize my ignorance. Private label doesn’t refer to just off brands it is the way it is produced and manufactured so for movies it doesn’t work. I am so sorry for misinforming you about what private label products look like private-label3though. Pardon my ignorance. I realized this when someone was reading what I read above and realized hey this isn’t true. Again if you don’t trust me you can look into it here are some of the more popular private label brands. One of the ones that I have seen a lot is cereal. For example, Wal Mart may have its own brand of private label cereal produced by some random company. This cereal tends to cost a lot less to make then a lot of more popular name brand products like a lot of the General Mills or Kellogg cereals. Private label produces a lot of other different products too. For example, there can be private label sleeping or cleaning supplies as well as private label canned food, crackers, pretzels, basically any food you can think of and so many other private label items out there.

It is important to make sure you know what private label and I apologize for my ignorance.

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glocks12345Allan had an issue he wanted to protect himself yet he didn’t know how. He eliminated a bunch of options (e.g. taking a karate self defense class) or getting a gun. He decided to do both. So after registering for a once a week Wednesday night 6:30pm karate class he looked into getting a glock 19.

Now you need to understand Allan did not understand what exactly a glock 19 was. He was a peaceful person he just needed to protect his family from the dangers of their dangerous neighborhood. He went onto Google and found some information about the glock 19 this is what he discovered.Check out for more great info on guns.

The information was a short article that reads as follows: Glock all started back in 1980 when the Austrian steel and plastic company Glock KG, that was at the time headed by Gaston Glcok was approach by the Austrian army. The Austrians asked Glock to develop a new service sidearm for them to replace their old ones that they had used during World War II. Glock, on behalf of Glock KG, accepted the invitation and the Glock firearm company was formed in 1982 following a series of exercises and tests Glock officially became the type of firearms used by the Austrian military. They use them until this day.

The glock 19’s first generation model was first developed in 1988. It was created as a compact version of the glock 17, the glock model that directly predated it. The next generation of the glock 19 was glock19-accessories developed in 1993 and the third generation of it in 1998. Finally in 2010 the Glock 19 generation 4 was put on the market. The generation nomenclature (a fan made word) was recognized by the company itself.

Now the glock 19 didn’t go through to many changes yet each version of it made a difference in recruiting new generations of handgun carriers for both home defense and service needs. Each of the versions of the glock 19 were a little bit different though.

The glock 19 version 1 was not so mass produced. Very few additions of it were made. Even less of them were imported to the Umited States. Today they are considered a collectors item. The gen 1 has grips with angles that very much resemble the early model of the glock 17.

Now that let’s talk about the other great versions of glock 19. The generation 2 of the glock 19 has a textured grip and a whole different kind of finish. Now that we are moving into the 1990’s will glocksfocus on the great versions of the glock during that era. The glock 19 generation 3 has a whole new different kind of grip, accessory rails, finger grooves, double pins, a tenifer finish, a thumb rest, and double pins and a thumb rest. Finally will talk a little bit about the glock 19 generation 4. This version of the glock 19 had a great stippled grip and larger magazine release button.

So Allan decided to get a glock 19
The end!

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The Importance of Niche Marketing

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niche-marketing Everyone has their own niche. I’m sure that is what many of you were told when you were younger when you weren’t the best soccer player out there or something like that. This phrase is true even when it comes to marketing a private label or white label product. For example, let’s say you have a cereal Honey Nut Eateos. You decide you want to market this product but you aren’t 100% sure how do I go about doing this? So then here is just what you have to do for these Honey Nut Eateos. This is the only way. You find what is its unique niche and then you can perform niche marketing. For this product, for example, the niche marketing you can do is tell people that maybe it has 80% less of an ingredient than a lot of other products do or it is packaged in a recyclable box or container which is something, especially in the private label product world, which people will typically be more interested in. Other cereals may advertise other very similar things which, can sometimes, even be the most identical things ever, as long as they have their own unique niche this would be what we classify as niche marketing. This will help people realize when they buy your product, in this case cereal, wow this thing is very very unique and that is why it might be worth buying over something else. Niche marketing can also work for a lot of different products (as discussed at Innovative Private Label). It can work for cosmetic products, or hair products, or even things as simple as packaged apple sauce. Everything if you really think about it has its own unique niche. Niche Marketing just requires you to be creative and craft a way that people will see your product and be like hey cool let me buy this and be so grateful that they did. However, as I said, there are a bunch of ways to go about this whole niche marketing thing. Here are some suggestions. Let’s say you want to do niche marketing through Facebook advertising. You would adveniche-marketingrtise via Facebook broadly about what your product is and what it does. Afterwards though you can then have posts, adds, memes, videos that relate to the main product or think about what people may prefer more than others. Going back to video if you were to say create a commercial you would want to focus on the main product and the niche aspect of it. Try and portray it in an exciting way to get everyone excited and ready to go. To make it the best product you can imagine this will make it great. For example if you are selling a new cereal you can focus on. Looking for a great cereal with great taste that has 80% less cholesterol than a lot of other cereals or something of the sort? As mentioned earlier the 80% would be your niche. Successful advertising and niche market well!

Guns In The Right Hands

It was very rare that Jack Daniels ever really actually needed to ever use 150828121359-guns-america-large-169his gun. He would always carry it around with him when going on camping trips in a woods filled with lions, and tigers, and bears. Well not lions and tigers. Bears though you get the point. He had the gun for protection though. This is one of his stories.

Jack was a good man who played ball for many hours a day and every couple months he would go camping his gun in his hand. He would sleep with that gun, eat with that gun. Bottom line wherever Jack went he was always carrying a gun everywhere he went. He loved those guns they were fantastic and exciting. Again though like I said he never really had to use it. One night that all changed though. You see Jack made the mistake that he accidentally left a bag of granola bars in his backpack and all of a sudden bear came into his tent one night. Jack’s first reaction was AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW IT’S A BEAR WgunsHAT DO I DO.” He only thought this though he then took his gun and took the bear out with one shot he was dead in 30 seconds. Another bear came out and same thing. Jack took out his gun and shot at the bear he was done in 35 seconds completely shot down. Before he knew it Jack was using his gun to shoot at all of the dangerous bears in the woods where he was camping. He was exploring the woods all over the place and he ended up being attacked 0 times. Why? He had a gun. He was like the perfect walking advertisement for the NRA. The gun will solve all your problems was his and their motto after all. Personally I don’t really agree so much. What can you do though having a fight with one of these gun advocate type people. It would be an utter waste of time these people are always investing in gun usage. They don’t really have good answers for how all these shootings happen though. What do I know about guns though I am just a narrator. Well it just makes sense to me. Hmm.. if we make guns super easy to be bought by everyone fine you might have more people to be able to protect you. You also get Virginia Tech and other crazy shooters like in Orlando. It is something that has been going on and on and on and on and on. In the end of the day though people will Jack will still go camping with there gun. They will take their gun to dinner to play ball even if they live in some super safe neighborhood like Bethesda, Maryland or Weschester, New York. Granted these places are fairly liberal so they probably won’t have guns you get the idea though. Guns can kill you need to be esponsible and use them wisely. So was Jack right?

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